The Traditional Counties of England

This is a work in progress and will be added to periodically. This work attempts to map the traditional, or historic, counties of England (and, hopefully, eventually of Scotland and Wales).. The time period chosen for the mapping is the mid 1800s, as this falls between the 1844 Act of Parliament that ironed out many of the smaller detached parts of counties, and the 1888-89 Acts that established the county councils, a number of which differ significantly from the historic ones. Each county in England will have details of the hundreds and parishes contained within it, with a map showing the hundreds and, in some cases, the parishes contained within it. This should help give an understanding of the areas covered by the traditional counties as well a little bit of the history as to how they came about and developed into the areas we currently consider them to cover.

Index of counties

  1. Berkshire
  2. Buckinghamshire
  3. Cambridgeshire
  4. Hertfordshire
  5. Shropshire
  6. Surrey

The Traditonal Counties of Scotland

These pages will show maps and other details of some of the traditional counties of Scotland. This is also a work in progress, as these things take a lot of time and other things get in the way, such as working, so this list will start off short and be added to as time goes on.

  1. Banffshire
  2. Morayshire & Nairnshire
  3. Perthshire