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Welcome to the A·F·L Chart Soccer web site. The A·F·L (Assocation Football League) is a simulated football league based on the RL English leagues, which were originally played using dice from the vintage LOGacta dice game from the 1970s, but is now more often played using electronic methods such as Excel spreadsheets. The aim of this site is mainly for me to have an electronic archive of as much of the data I have collected over the years as possible, most of which currently exists only in paper format. It may also be of interest to others who like to play these sort of games in their spare time.

The A·F·L has been played since 1979, and thus has a great deal of history. Click here for more about the history of A·F·L Chart Soccer.

Currently, the league comprises primarily the "Super League", which has two divisions of 20 clubs each (the Premiership and the Championship). Below this there are two divisions in the "Pro League" (League One and League Two) comprising 24 clubs each. There is a "Super Cup" involving the 40 Super League clubs and the long-standing A·F·L Cup, which involves all 88 clubs.

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