Super Cup Finals (formerly Premier Cup)

The Premier Cup began life as the Charity Cup, which was a pre-season tournament contested by the top sixteen teams in the previous season's final Premier Division table, and the pairings were worked out on a seeded basis favouring the teams that finished higher in the table. It was soon renamed the Premier Cup and eventually incliuded all 20 teams in the Premier League in the upcoming season.

In Season 177 the competition was expanded to include all 40 teams in the new Super League, and was renamed the Super Cup at the same time. Clubs are now placed into groups of 5 based on their final position in the previous season's tables, with groups A-D comprising Super League 1 teams and groups E-H comprising teams from Super League 2. Each team plays the other 4 once, two at home and two away, and two teams qualify from each group. The knock-out stages are seeded according to the group that they qualified from and their position in that group, i.e. group winners are given home advantage in the Second Round, the winners of groups A-D playing the runners-up of groups E-H and the winners of groups E-H at home to the runners-up in groups A-D. In this way all the matches involve teams from both Super Leagues 1 and 2. The remaining rounds are played according to a pre-determined bracket, culminating with the final, which is played at Wembley the week before the first matches in the Super League.

Season Winners   Runners-up    
162 MANCHESTER UNITED 4 Arsenal 3  
163 CHELSEA 2 West Ham United 1  
164 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Chelsea 1  
165 CHELSEA 4 West Ham United 2 aet
166 MANCHESTER UNITED 2 Chelsea 1  
167 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 3 Reading 1 aet
168 LIVERPOOL 3 Sunderland 2 aet
169 ARSENAL 2 Tottenham Hotspur 1  
170 SOUTHAMPTON 2 Manchester United 0  
171 MANCHESTER UNITED 3 Reading 1  
172 ARSENAL 2 Liverpool 0  
173 MANCHESTER UNITED 1 Chelsea 1 (3–1)
174 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 1 Arsenal 0  
175 ARSENAL 1 Hull City 0  
176 EVERTON 2 Arsenal 1  
177 MANCHESTER CITY 2 West Bromwich Albion 1  

Cup Wins

Manchester United 5
Arsenal 3
Chelsea 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Everton 1
Liverpool 1
Southampton 1
Manchester City 1


ami XW–12