The E.F.U. Euro-League

The E.F.U. Euro-League is my Chart Soccer version of the U.E.F.A. Champions League. The format is 32 teams in 8 groups of 4, but from Season 179 it involves 44 qualifying teams, of which 24 qualify directly for the group stage. So there are two qualifying rounds to find the other 8 teams for the group stage. Qualification for the competition can be summarised as follows:

  • Countries 1-4, 3 teams each (12), to Group Stage
  • Countries 5-8, 2 teams each (8), to Group Stage
  • Countries 9-12, 1 team each (4), to Group Stage
  • Countries 13-24, 1 team each (12), to Qualifying Round
  • Countries 25-32, 1 team each (8), to Preliminary Round

For the Group Stage, the 32 clubs are ranked according to their coefficients and placed into four pots for the draw, with the top eight in Pot 1, the next eight in Pot 2, etc. Each group must have one team from each pot, but teams from the same country cannot be drawn into the same group.

Once the Group Stage is complete the top two teams from each group, i.e. 16 teams, proceed to the Knock-out stages; there are no transfers to the Euro-Cup for the third-placed teams at this stage as there are real life. In the draw for the last 16 the group winners from the previous stage are seeded so that they cannot play each other. Additionally, teams from the same group and country are kept apart at this stage, and the ties are drawn so that the group winners play at home in the second leg. From the Quarter-Final onwards, however, the draw is open and there are no restrictions as to which teams cannot be drawn together.

Finals of the E.F.U. Euro-League

Listed below are the most recent cup finals with links to full details of each competition. (N.B. In Seasons 162-164 the competition was known as the "Euro Cup".)

Season Winners   Runners up
162 REAL MADRID 1 A.C. Milan 1*
  *aet, Real Madrid won 3–1 on penalties  
163 JUVENTUS 2 Internazionale 0
164 OSASUNA 1 Juventus 0
165 ARSENAL 2 Olympique Lyon 0
166 A.C. MILAN 2 Atlético Madrid 2*
  *aet, A.C. Milan won 3–2 on penalties  
167 F.C. BARCELONA 2 Bayern München 1
170 REAL MADRID 2 Manchester City 1
172 ATLÉTICO MADRID 3 Arsenal 3*
  *aet, Atlético Madrid won 4–3 on penalties  
173 WERDER BREMEN 3 F.C. Barcelona 3*
  *aet, Werder Bremen won 5–4 on penalties  
174 REAL MADRID 3 A.S. Roma 1
175 A.S. ROMA 3 F.C. Barcelona 0
176 REAL MADRID 3 Valencia 1
177 F.C. BARCELONA 3 Real Madrid 0
178 JUVENTUS 3 Sevilla 3
  *aet, Juventus won 5–4 on penalties  
179 ATLÉTICO MADRID 4 Benfica 2

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