Retro-League — Season 1 (1955-56)

This is the first of hopefully a whole series of experimental seasons played by LOGacta methods, with a few twists of my own. The main emphasis of the project, however, is to go back in time, to earlier seasons of the Football League and football generally in Europe. The aim of the Retro-League is to play out a 20-team league based on the teams in the Football League First Division, starting with the 1955-56 season. The league will incorporate the top 20 (out of 22) teams in the First Division of that season. Apart from the number of participants, everything else will be of that time, with 2 points for a win, 2-up, 2-down promotion and relegation and goal average instead of goal difference. The bottom two teams will be replaced with next highest teams in the Football League based on final positions for the following season. Generally these will be the teams that were actually promoted from the Second Division but as different teams from reality are relegated this will differ as time goes on. The competitions that will be covered will, initially, be the League, F.A. Cup and European Cup, the latter involving the actual teams that took part in that season's competition, except for the English participants, which will naturally be the winners of the previous season of the Retro-League.

One of the twists mentioned above will be the method of ratings employed. Basically the teams will be rated according to their league position in the season concerned. The 20 teams will be divided into 5 rating groups of 4 teams each, i.e. 1-4 rated '1', 5-8 rated '2', etc. These ratings will apply for the first 10 matches of the season. From match 11 to match 24, points will used for ratings, as per the normal LOGacta system. From match 25 to the end of the season, the teams will be rated in 5 groups of 4, as at the start of the season, except that the positions used will be those after match 24 of the current season.

The F.A. Cup will start at the Third Round stage, with 64 teams comprising 22 1st Dvision teams (11 rated '1' and 11 rated '2'), 22 2nd Division teams (11 rated '3' and 11 rated '4'), 10 3rd Dvision teams (rated '5'), 6 4th Division teams (rated '6') and 4 non-league teams (also rated '6'). For the three seasons in which the old 3rd Divisions North and South existed, there will be 8 teams from each, the top 5 being rated '5' and the other 3 rated '6'.

League Table

2Manchester City28192757282.03640
3Manchester United28148653311.71036
4Birmingham City281211556431.30235
5Bolton Wanderers281112539281.39334
7Luton Town28119849421.16731
8Newcastle United28912741391.05130
10Wolverhampton W281161146441.04528
13Cardiff City281131435420.83325
14Preston North End28881230420.71424
16West Bromwich Alb28871329430.67423
17Charlton Ath28771444580.75921
18Aston Villa28751631510.60819
20Tottenham H28371823560.41113

League Results

Aston Villa1—10—41—20—12—04—11—20—23—31—20—22—00—43—2
Birmingham City0—33—11—13—35—24—13—30—31—12—01—12—12—12—2
Bolton Wanderers4—11—02—10—11—11—10—10—02—31—11—22—11—14—1
Cardiff City0—23—21—11—20—32—32—03—00—12—02—12—00—12—0
Charlton Ath2—24—13—40—02—41—31—32—21—53—33—13—24—02—3
Luton Town2—14—30—11—01—00—14—10—21—32—23—14—01—21—1
Manchester City3—12—04—11—23—20—16—20—15—23—21—01—44—01—0
Manchester United2—01—31—22—21—10—04—13—11—14—01—11—02—31—0
Newcastle United1—22—23—35—01—11—21—11—02—11—21—14—12—02—2
Preston North End1—11—10—11—01—02—12—20—20—30—12—30—02—23—3
Tottenham H2—02—31—11—11—20—20—30—00—40—11—30—30—01—2
West Bromwich Alb1—12—22—41—43—12—11—10—10—32—00—20—10—30—2
Wolverhampton W3—11—21—32—12—33—14—12—00—21—33—31—11—00—1

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